Excuse this little rant… *aheemmm*:

First off. I love what I do. Guard is my life and what I truely love. But what I think is so wrong, is when parents are so overly involved in what their child is doing, that they ruin it for others. Now, this stems from the fact that some kids need to learn how to figure out simple things  by themselves, and not run to mommy for everything. You are almost considered an adult! What are you going to do when you go to college? Ummmm???? 

Secondly. There is one thing I cannot stand… When someone sees that our coach has asked my to lead us through warm up or run something, and someone questions what authority I have. Um. Did you just not see that she told me to do this? And do you not realize that I am captain? Uhhh… Yeah. Just beacuse I do things when they need to be done, am always at practice even when injured, and DO THINGS CORRECTLY, you think I got this handed to me.

Well, yeah. Sorry. But there are some people that are so close-minded in this world, and they just do not understand things. It is seriously getting on my nerves. I feel a bit better though.